Instructor Manual

“I want to teach classes on traffic bicycling—but I don't wanna look like an unorganized dork!”
—J.N., Chicago

If that sounds familiar, we have the manual you need! Designed especially for non-teachers, the Traffic-Cycling Instructor Manual can help you teach adult bike classes competently and professionally. Some have called it a “teaching for dummies” guide:

  • Features 25 modules that deliver all the important aspects of traffic and utility bicycling, in 150 illustrated pages.
  • Tells you exactly how to prepare for each lesson and what materials you'll need.
  • For every lesson, suggests what teaching methods (such as question-and-answer and demonstration) might work best.
  • Helps you deal with both slower students and advanced students.
  • Completely modular—so you can combine different modules to create classes of any length, for the specific needs of particular groups.
  • Contains both classroom and on-bike lessons.
  • Includes before and after tests to assess what students learned.
  • League Cycling Instructors: Tells you how to include Smart Cycling's “need to know” materials and guides you on crafting a comprehensive road test.


  • Creating a class schedule
  • Identifying students' needs
  • Conforming to the League of American Bicyclists' Smart Cycling curriculum
  • Tips and resources for teaching
  • Finding and securing the right classroom and practice spaces
  • Surveying and registering students
  • Setting up practice areas


  • Pre- & Post-Class Test
  • Introduction
  • Parts of a Bike
  • Making Sure Your Bike Fits
  • Tools to Carry
  • ABC Quick Check
  • How to Shift Gears
  • Starting & Stopping
  • Looking, Scanning, & Signaling
  • Emergency Moves
  • Nutrition
  • Traffic Basics
  • Riding in Groups
  • Practice Ride
  • Why & How to Wear Helmets
  • How & Where to Lock
  • Riding at Night
  • Fixing & Stopping Flats
  • Dressing for Cycling & for Work
  • Equipment for Carrying Stuff
  • Wet Weather
  • Trail Riding
  • Choosing a Bike
  • Packing Clothes
  • Choosing a Route

ABOUT ITS DEVELOPMENT. Written by long-time bicycling instructor and author Mr Bike, the Traffic-Cycling Instructor Manual resulted from years of class experience, research into different teaching resources, and consultation with professional instructors from across the U.S. and Canada.

CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE. As an option, we’ll customize the Traffic-Cycling Instructor Manual to include particular student materials or content for your area—just as we do for our award-winning bicycling safety publications.



For a PDF file showing what modules
contain, click here (size: 700K).

The Traffic-Cycling Instructor Manual
makes it easy for you to set up
and lead on-bike drills.