Custom Adult Booklets

Want a high-quality bicycling-education booklet?

We created each of our award-winning booklets after many months of reviewing safety literature and talking with cyclists. The result: the most comprehensive and easy-to-read cycling guides of their kind.

Take a look at our adult cycling booklets. Once you've seen our booklets, you'll realize they could help more folks in your area to bicycle, and cycle more safely. But to produce such a book from scratch can cost lots of time and money.

Yet you can create your areas' own booklets, inexpensively, having us customize one of our existing publications. Here's how it could work:

  • From your answers to our questionnaire, we'd tell you our fee to custom-make a book. (Depending on your needs, our fee can be as little as $3,000.)
  • If you need help understanding or requesting state or federal bike-education funds, we can show you how others have done it.
  • After contracting with you, we'd get more detail on your needs. We'd work with you, local advocates, and government staff to ensure we get the details right.
  • We'd deliver electronic files from which a commercial printer could make film.
  • Alternatively, we could grant you a license to use our material in a publication of your own making, for a specified number of printed copies.

For more information, please email us.